Visa on Arrival for Indians

The Indian passport isn’t as powerful as the US or British Passport. Yet, we have at least over 30 countries offering Visa On Arrival for Indians(VOA). Although VOA is a boon, do not forget that you would still need to satisfy all the VOA conditions laid down by each of the countries above. The number of days offered for VOA, Visa Fee, proof of funds and the required documents may differ from one country to another.

Visa on Arrival for Indians:

Here’s a list of affordable countries offering Visa On Arrival for Indians –

1.Thailand – The Backpacker capital of the world has misty mountains, pristine beaches, thick forest, water sports, amazing Thai food and romantic honeymoon destinations.

Visa on Arrival - Thailand

2. Laos –  Unlike it’s neighbor, Thailand, Laos is relatively less visited or less crowded. The food, the beaches and the history would draw you in.

3. Cambodia – “Angkor Wat”, enough said!

Cheap Holiday Destination - cambodia Angkor wat

4. Sri Lanka – Pristine beaches, historical places, Buddhist temples, the scenic mountains and tea estates. A must visit for Indians.

Visa on Arrival for Indians - Sri Lanka

5. Nepal – The hill country is akin to India in Food and Culture. It is famous for the snow peaked Himalayan ranges, Shiva Temple and the spicy food.

Visa on Arrival for Indians - Nepal

6. Bhutan – A Paradise. Bhutan values nature and culture. The country is deep rooted on the values and beliefs of Buddhism.

7. Indonesia – The country has volcanoes, Bali – one of the famous honey moon destinations, Hindu temples and amazing night life.

Visa on Arrival for Indians - Indonesia

The following exotic countries are for the luxury savvy, and a bit above the backpacking budget and in fact these are few of the best honey destinations…


VIsa on Arrival for Indians - Seychelles


2. Maldives

VIsa on Arrival for Indians - Maldives

3. Mauritius

VIsa on Arrival for Indians - Mauritius

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