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Thailand Visa for Indians has been one of the most touted tourist visa. Despite 30 countries offering Visa on arrival for Indians, Thai Visa has managed to out-beat its peers.  Indians travelling with a valid Indian Passport are eligible for Visa on Arrival (VOA) TOURIST VISA at Bangkok Airports. You could enter Thailand at Bangkok via “Don Meung Airport (DMK)” or “Swarnabhumi Airport (BKK)”.

Airasia operates from DMK airport. Premier airlines such as Thai Airways, Jet Airways, Air India etc and the budget airline Spice Jet operates from BKK airport. VOA is available at both airports. Off late, with increased inflow of Foreign tourists, both DMK and BKK are packed with visitors seeking VOA.

1. No ATM before Green Channel

2. Visa Fee – Payment in THB

If you have a connecting flight to any other domestic destination in Thailand, allow ample time for VOA at these airports. Given the current circumstances, it might take you 60-90 minutes to secure a Visa. Remember to convert currency before paying Visa Fee.

Money Exchange counters are available near the Visa On Arrival counters. Please note that the Money Exchangers will not accept cards for payment. Also, there are not ATMs’ before the green channel.

It is advisable to convert your currency before reaching Thailand. At least convert enough INR to get 11,000 bhat for an individual player.

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Visa on Arrival for Indians: Indians or Indian Passport Holders are eligible for Visa on Arrival in Thailand for a period of 15 days, if the following conditions are met…

Thailand VOA for Indians - Thai Flag

  1. The entry is strictly for Tourism. Visitors with TOURIST VISA are strictly prohibited from working in Thailand.
  2. The Visitor’s Passport must be AT LEAST valid for 6 months and should have minimum 3 blank pages.
  3. The visitor has to and return tickets within 15 days, inclusive of the entry and the exit date. The return ticket has to be a ticket to fly out of Thailand. It is not necessary that the return ticket has to be India. Eg: You could fly to Bangkok and have a ticket to Cambodia or Vietnam within 15 days.
  4. Confirmed Hotel/Accommodation bookings.  The address of your accommodation would need to be filled in the VOA form as well. If you are planning to visit more than one place, you can mention the first address of your stay in the form. However, you need to produce valid and confirmed bookings for your duration of stay in Thailand.
  5. Solo Traveler needs to show proof of funds of 10,000 Bhat and Group Travelers or Family needs to show 20,000 Bhat as proof of funds for your expenditure in Thailand.
  6. VISA Application Fee is 1,000 Bhat, which needs to be paid in Thai Currency only.
  7. A Passport size photograph (recently taken) needs to be affixed in the VOA form along with details of your stay and return ticket information.

Never Jump your Visa. Violators are strictly dealt with by the Royal Thai Immigration


Capital : Bangkok

Languages : Thai (Native) & English (Widely Spoken)

Currency : THB (Thai Bhat)

To Speak ill of the Royal Family or the King is punishable by Law

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