Thailand Itinerary – 10 days to sample the paradise!

Thailand – The Grandeur!

Thailand is a paradise in the South East Asia, you may not want to part with on your return! The country has bluish green waters, white sandy beaches, misty mountains, river cruises, Mui Thai boxing, famous night markets that draw their curtains at dawn, beautiful floating markets for the early risers, shopping for the needy and the rich, the china town, historical temples, Grand palace and the list goes on and on… You would be amazed by the Infrastructure – the roads, the high rise building, the malls; the food – street food, farm fresh fruits and the sweet cold tender coconut; and the green countryside.Drawing a Thailand Itinerary is a unique experience and could never be generalized!

What’s your traveling type?

I would never forget my first trip to Thailand. It was an exhilarating trip and i was hardly interested to fly back. I was crazy enough that i was hunting for jobs in Thailand in the online portals. Thai at Don Muang Airport and all my way back by flight! Well, have learnt to move on…

You would need to figure out the kind of Thailand you want to explore – Adventure (Diving, Cycling etc.,), Foodie, Night Life, Laid back holiday on the mountains or the beaches etc.,

You could couple few places of your interests. Debutants should plan a Thailand itinerary of at least 10 days to sample the Thai culture, Food, Night life & the rest.

Thailand Itinerary

I have been over thrice to the backpackers capital and yet, i feel incomplete wanting to explore more. Check out the list of destinations to explore and Things to do in Thailand... A sample Thailand Itinerary for 10 days which would cover Night life, Cultural tourism, Mountains, Cafe, Street Food, Massage and Cycling:

Destinations: Bangkok, Pai, ChiangMai, Phuket, Pattaya

Duration: 10 Days

Day #1 : Arrive at Bangkok

  • Visa on Arrival for Indians
  • Check in to Backpacker hostel in Khoa San Road (The backpacker ‘s area)
  • Wat Po
  • Wat Arun
  • Grand Palace
  • Massage
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market (if your trip includes Bangkok on a weekend)
  • Patong Night Market
  • Nightlife (optional)

Day #2: Arrive at Pai late afternoon (By flight or Night bus from Bangkok)

  • Take bus to Pai from Arcade bus station from Chiang Mai ( or mini van – better minivan)
  • Check in to pai Accommodation
  • Sight seeing
  • Night life

Day #3: Pai Sight Seeing & depart at noon towards Chiang Mai

  • Chiang Mai check in, night life and stay
  • Grand Canyon, Chiang Mai
  • Street food
  • Massage

Day #4: Chiang Mai

  • Tiger Kingdom, Night Safari, Temple (doi suthep), mon cham – take a day tour.
  • Night Life, Street food
  • Overnight stay in Chiang Mai

Day #5:

  • Cycling day Trip
  • Overnight stay in Chiang Mai

Day #6:

  • Early morning checkout
  • Take flight to Phuket – direct flight 2 hrs (reach around afternoon)
  • Reach phuket
  • Night life, Over night Stay

Day #7:

Day #8:

  • Phuket to Bangkok & Bangkok to Pattaya
  • Reach in the evening… Pub, night life

Day #9:

  • Pattaya day trip – Koh lan (Coral Islands) by boat
  • Pattaya Night Bazaar
  • Overnight in pattaya

Day #10:

Pack bags.. leave to Bangkok. Fly home

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