Boracay Island – The Best Romantic Destination you could dream!

Boracay Island is the unique identity for the Philippines. Known for its “White Beach” and the “Puka or Shell Beach”, cupids from all over the world flock here for their romantic honeymoon. Boracay Island is the best honeymoon destination in all of the Philippines.

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How to Reach Boracay Island:

Well, to reach Boracay Island from Manila, there are various domestic carriers waiting to fly you.

You have two options  –

  • one, to fly to the nearest Caticlan airport which is expensive
  • two, Kalibo airport which is cheaper but a bit distant at 1.5 – 2 hours driving distance

From the airport, reach out to Caticlan Jetty Port, to take a short boat ride for 15-20 mins to reach Boracay Island.

There are private vehicles, shared Air-conditioned mini vans plying the road between the airport and the port. Some companies offer end to end packages. The mini van from Airport to Port, the boat ride and the trike to your hotel at Boracay (for return too…). Well. if you are a backpacker, you don’t need to take the package and you could manage it by booking at the entry points individually (helps you save you cost). The fares as listed the airport are below…

Boracay Island - Transportation Rates
Boracay Island – Transportation Rates

Attractions on the Boracay Island:

Boracay is the place for honeymooners and party-goers. The main attraction in Boracay is Station 1, Station 2, Station 3 and the Puka Shell Beach.  Station 1, 2 and 3 have been highly commercialized – you could find souvenir shops, pubs,coffee shops, restaurants, garment shops, fruit shops, dive shops and almost anything you could think of. “D-Mall‘ is a name well known in the circles. Take a stroll from Station 1 to 3, you would understand how commercial it is!

Regardless of the commercial activity, the beach along the station is pristine, white sandy and the water is crystal clear. You could spot travelers hurrying out to board boats for island hopping, water sports, or lazying out a cool swim along the shore. The place is scenic and picturesque – “the post card pictures”.

The Station 1, 2 and 3 are illuminated for the night life with a line up of bars and pubs. It’s so colorful sporting laser lights and ripping your ear off with rock music. You could find people of all ages flocking towards the beach – all the time!

Boracay Island - Beach Castle
Beach Castle
Boracay Island - Beach Adventure
Beach Adventure
Boracay Island - Happy Kid
Happy Kid
Boracay Island - Boracay Adventure Boat
Boracay Adventure Boat
Boracay Island - Boracay Beach View
Boracay Beach View
Boracay Island - Boracay Station 1 beach Walk
Boracay Station 1 Beach Walk

Puka Beach / Shell Beach: Puka beach is less crowded and not commercialized as the white beach. Take a trike for 150 pesos or a shared trike to reach Puka Beach. Its a perfect destination for Wedding Photographers!

Boracay Island - On route to Puka Beach
On Route to Puka / Shell Beach
Boracay Island - Puka Beach Enterance-tuktuk
Puka Beach Enterance – TukTuk
Boracay Island - Puka Beach Enterance
Puka Beach Enterance
Boracay Island - Puka Beach View 1
Puka Beach View 1
Boracay Island - Puka Shell beach view 2
Puka Shell beach view 2

Click here for Boracay in Pictures

Have you been to this Postcard picturesque island? Care to share your experience or tips to enjoy a trip to this Island? Please share your comments in the section below…

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