El Nido Beach,Palawan Islands – What’s the deal?

El Nido Beach town should be on your must-visit list in the Philippines. The stunning beach is located in Palawan Islands, Philippines.

Do you love – lazying on a hammock, watching the surfers on blue-green waves, to be occasionally disturbed by the beautiful waitress in sunglasses and the slow rhythmic humming of the waves splashing against the rocks ? well, you should head to El Nido Beach, the best beach in the world! If you are a fellow Indian looking for Visa information to head to the Philippines, checkout here!

El Nido, the best beach
El Nido, The best beach in the Philippines

El Nido Beach - Captain, El Gordon adventures

El Nido beach town has the best in store for every traveler. The beach hammocks with music and perfectly blended cocktails for the lazy; Sea kayaking, Surfing, Snorkeling, and Diving for the adrenaline junkies; every seafood you could imagine on a barbecue; romantic candle light dinner by the beach; movies on the comfy bean bags by the beach and live music on the beach. It’s…a…beach town!

El Nido Beach - Dine By the beach

The coastal town of El Nido is blessed with breathtaking marine and aquatic adventures you could be a part of. The views are magnificent and stunning. There are royal limestone formations, cliffs that are made up of marble, lagoons that are completely empty along with caves of prehistoric times and gorgeous waterfalls. The nearby waters here have amazing variety of marine life with many species of corals, manta rays, sea cows as well as endangered turtles which makes it a delight for scuba divers.

El Nido Beacch - Movie by the beach @ Makulay Lodging

Calamari – The lemon alternative is so good to taste. The cocktails mixed with calamari , inherits a peculiar taste, which only a few could hate.

El Nido Beach - Tomato Pasta with Fresh Cut Mangoes @ Turtle Beach

Mangoes –  Fresh, Juicy and Tasty. Mangoes are one of the best in the Philippines. Well, nothing could beat the beach factor!

Useful Info:

El Nido Beach Town:

#1. How to reach:

El Nido is located at the far end of Palawan Island. You would need to fly down to the main airport in Palawan Island, Puerto Princessa.

Fly to Puerto Princessa (PPS).

From PPS, take a Shared van to El Nido beach town, which cost around 600 Pesos. Takes around 6 Hours. There are lots of companies operating along this route. You could find agents right outside the arrival terminal.

From PPS, you can also board Aircon / Normal buses such as Roro, Cherry which would cost you around 370-400 pesos, depending on the type. Takes around 8-9 hours. You would have to take a trike to the nearest bus terminal which is around 4 KMs from the airport.

Jeepney – If you are an adventurer who fights shark for a living and you have all the time in the world, jeepney is the mode of the transport for you. There is no fixed schedule or expected time of travelling to reach the destination.Its the cheapest mode of transport, though.

Alternative: You could fly to Lio Airport from Manila, located at just 7 KM from the mid-town El Nido. However, its costlier. Air-swift carrier caters to Manila – El Nido route.

#2. Bike rental

600 pesos a day (You have to surrender your passport as deposit)

#3. Beach

Nacpan beach, Turtle beach

#4. El Nido artcafe

A supermarket on the ground floor, restaurant on the first floor and a beautiful restaurant on the beach with a wonderful view

El Nido Beach - El Nido Art Cafe Menu

#5. Island Hopping

There are a lot of companies offering the island hopping tours. The general fare is 1200 pesos for almost all the tours. you can strike a bargain, if you are in a group.

The tour duration is from 9 AM – 4 PM. Some companies start even earlier. you would have to pay an environmental fee of 200 pesos, valid for 10 days. Take at least 2 tours to experience the best of El Nido beach town. The lagoons, beaches and the crystal clear water are amazing for snorkelling and kayaking.

Tour A 

Small Lagoon      Big Lagoon      Shimizu Island     Secret Lagoon    7 Commando Beach

Tour B 

Entalula Island    Pinagbuyutan Island     Snake Island    Cudugnon Cave   Cathedral Cave

Tour C

Helicopter Island     Hidden Beach     Secret Beach      Matinloc Shrine     Cadlao Lagoon

Tour D

Bukal Island       Ipil Beach      Nat-Nat Beach       Cadlao Lagoon          Paradise Beach

El Nido in Pictures!

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