Dambulla, Kandy & Sigiriya – How to get there

Sigiriya – How to get there?

Before exploring on “Sigiriya – How to get there?” – here’s a piece of the historical information on the site…

Sigiriya was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. The enormous rock structure, about 660 ft high, draws millions of visitors for its glory and historical importance. The Sigiriya Lion Rock goes a long way back in history to 477 AD.

Sigiriya was made a capital by King Kasyapa, who fled from the Capital Anuradapura after murdering his father. He transformed the massive rock in to a beautiful fortress by building himself a scenic palace atop the rock, referred to as the “Sky Palace“. The structure today reveals his court room – no more than the basic structure though, beautiful ponds, and the Raja’s seat. The palace was built so high in the sky that clouds would breeze through them. The king had built it with such aesthetic taste, with frescoes in his palace. Few of the paintings have been preserved.The view from the top is breathtaking.

The King built a well planned entrance in the shape of Lion’s foot and hence the name “Sigiriya Lion Rock“.The surrounding lush gardens and the giant rock itself is a grandeur!

How to travel from Colombo to Sigiriya:


From Colombo – Route Number 15 to Anuradhapuram, Route No 48 to Kaduruwela and Route No. 49 to Trinco. Alight at Dambula or Habarana. Take a tuk tuk to Sirigirya Rock.


There is only one train running between Colombo and Habarana, 15 Km away from Sigiriya. The frequency is less, which makes it even more difficult!

Private Car:

The best option.


Cinnamon operates from Colombo International Airport to Sigiriya Domestic Airstrip. This is by far, the most expensive means of transport. Check schedule and prices.

sigiriya - how to get there - Sigiriya Map
Sigiriya Map
sigiriya - how to get there-Lion Rock Distant View
Lion Rock Distant View

More Pictures of Sigiriya…

Dambulla Cave Temple has five caves in all. A huge golden Buddha adorns the down hill. A short hike to the Monastery on the hill unfolds the beautiful flat lands filled with lush greenery all around. People of all ages hike to the monastery to offer their prayers to the Buddha. The ceilings of the caves are adorned with Buddha paintings and the caves are filled with Buddha of various sizes.

How to travel from Colombo to Dambulla:


From Colombo – Route Number 15 to Anuradhapuram, Route No 48 to Kaduruwela and Route No. 49 to Trinco. Alight at Dambula.

Private Car: Best option

Sigiriya - How to get there - Dambulla Cave Temple
Dambulla Cave Temple
Sigiriya - How to get there - Dambulla Golden Temple Buddha
Dambulla Golden Temple Buddha
Sigiriya How to get there - Dambulla Lotus Pond
Dambulla Lotus Pond

It is advisable to couple a visit to Dambulla and Sigiriya.

Kandy is a hill station and the second largest city in Sri Lanka, next to Colombo. Kandy is the home to the renowned Temple of Tooth Relic, a world heritage site, where the tooth relic of Gautama Buddha is preserved. A beautiful lake is located in central Kandy offering scenic view. A walk around the lake may take around 30 minutes. The view-point offers a panoramic view of the lake and the Kandy city.

How to reach Kandy from Colombo


Train is the best option if you were not on a package tour, travelling by a hired taxi. There are several trains from Colombo Fort to Kandy.

Sigiriya How to Get There - Kandy Lake View 2
Kandy View Point 2
Sigiriya How to Get There - Kandy Lake View
Kandy Lake View
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