Quit your job and travel? How to travel without quitting your job

Quit your job and travel:

To Quit your job and travel is a high risk venture, which needs a lot of introspection. Travel is a passion for many, just as most of us. But, few – get to live their passion; fewer – muster up their courage to shift their means of living to passion, and the rest – go to work for a living.

I quit my job to travel” “How i quit my job to travel the world“- the most inspiring and daring statement anyone could have stumbled on in the travel arena. A deeper analysis would prompt at the fact that it’s not easy to quit your day job on account of your pending bills, the commitments back home and the fear of uncertainties. There are many who quit their job and travel but only a few daring travellers do break the spell to achieve their dreams, while the rest go back to their jobs upon failure. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and it isn’t easy to survive.

The Problem?

We go to work for a living (slogging), bogged down by our financial commitments and the need to tend to our loved ones. The monthly bills, recurring EMIs’ on personal loans, home loan, auto loan etc., makes our life a living hell. Often have i prayed in silence for a hefty government bailout. Imagine that! A spell to break-free from our loans and reach ground zero. Well, a lifetime isn’t enough to realize that dream. Given the odds, is it prudent to quit your job and travel?

There are few, who love what they do and live for what they love. Do we?

Finding a solution to commitment free living depends on you. However, it’s possible to travel and realize the dream despite all the pressure and commitments, if you really have the will to.

Quit your job and Travel? Nahh…How to travel without quitting my job?

I did find few ways to travel without quitting my job. I have been to Thailand, Srilanka, Nepal and Philippines in the last two years. I aspire to travel more, well, without quitting my job for now and i dream to become a full-time traveller – a nomad.

Travel Showstoppers  – Leave & Affordability


Absence , rather – unplanned absence, is the upsetting factor which creates the jittering effect in bosses. Uncertainties disrupts the routine people are so used to. A planned leave, informed well in advance could avoid these effects. I have managed to (so far) inform my planned leaves in advance (at least 3 months ahead) and plan my work schedule in line with my vacation. The trick should work in most of the work places, given the bargaining skill you have. Get your leaves approved!

Affordability: Affordability has to be factored in above all the other problems. Find out how to travel for free, stay for free or at least travel and stay cheaper! I have managed to afford the travel on promo fares and discounted accommodations.

Travel Goal: Its important to choose an affordable destination, which requires an in-depth research on destinations. Plan your trips at least 6 months in advance, because you can save money on promo-tickets and accommodation.

Travel Financial Planning: This is the most important part of the journey. A disciplined saving towards the goal is the only key to achieve – avoid unnecessary expenses, go for a recurring deposit, skip the monthly party or whatever it takes to save that extra money to travel. Its also important to identify the travel expenses to the best possible detail. Create a backup fund, in case you were to go overboard the expected expenses.

Promo-Tickets: Airline Promo Fares tend to be the cheapest. However, in most cases the booking has to be done 6 months to 1 year in advance and the seats are limited. Watch out for the promo-sales. I have seen Airasia offering 1 peso sale!! Well, one might need to pay the airport tax. However, it’s the cheapest. Why do you need to pay more, when you can fly promo? If you are a frequent flyer member, check if your airmiles could fly you for free.

Discounted accommodations: Accommodations, just as the air-tickets, tend to be cheaper when booked well in advance. I use Agoda.com for south-east asia bookings. I have seen the price of the booking to be as high as 60% more (on the day of check-in) than the price i paid by prebooking.

 Get Inspired & Wait for the day! Well, inspiration is what draws you to an unknown place. Indulge in a virtual treat by browsing through the places you want to travel. Waiting for the D-day has always been a pleasure! Its important not to overdo the reading and to draw a balance on expectations over reality.

Travel – The only motivation driving me to work every day.

Should you quit your job and travel? It’s a question you really need to work on weighing your options. You could alternatively consider shifting your career to travel related jobs, which offer traveling opportunities. You could analyze your career options to become a digital nomad. However, remember that no job is easier and it certainly isn’t a bed of roses. Success stories are pleasant and inspiring to read through. However, they don’t paint the picture with all the pain and fear for you to look at.

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